Bridgeton Township is Serviced by the Fremont, Grant, & Egelston Fire Departments, as well as Newaygo Sheriff’s Department. 

Our local fire departments work together and whichever one is available and can arrive quickest to the scene is the one that will respond in case of an emergency.  For non-emergency situations/questions, contact local departments below. For emergencies, call 911 & an available station will respond.

Fremont Fire Department

Fremont Services Areas North of the Muskegon River

(231) 924-2103

Egelston Fire Department

Egelston services the Southwestern corner of Bridgeton Township


Grant Fire Department

Grant services the Eastern side of Bridgeton Township. 


The Fremont Fire Department is committed to keeping the community safe from fire damage. 

The Fremont Station services Bridgeton Township North of the Muskegon River. 

Services Include: Downed power lines, Fire prevention, Fire suppression, Rescues, Smoke and carbon monoxide investigations, and Vehicle & personal injury accidents

Fire Chief: Brian Hettinger

Fire & Sheriff Department information COMING SOON!